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The first book in the Sandy McFarlane crime fiction series: 'Greed is a powerful motive.'

Alexander (Sandy) McFarlane has just secured his new role as a DCI working for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London. Before long, he is asked to investigate the death of Robert Smythe, an accountant who has been auditing an aid grant to build a solar panel farm in Vadodara, India.

DCI McFarlane travels to India where he immediately suspects foul play. But he is up against local police who refuse to admit that Robert's death was suspicious. He soon finds himself embroiled in politics, battling the extremely wealthy and powerful Thakur family, the billionaires who had facilitated the British aid grant to build the solar panel farm, and in whose interest the local police are sweeping Robert's death under the carpet.

For a long time, it seems he is fighting a losing battle and he is forced to leave India in disgrace. Can McFarlane get justice for Robert's family?


Summer in Somersby: A Francesca & Joseph DeLuca adventure story

Join Francesca and Joseph DeLuca on their exciting summer quests in their home village of Somersby!

Whilst building a den in the local woods, Joseph and his friends discover a crime scene, but can they help solve it?

Francesca single-handedly finds illegal pollution in the river, but can she track down the culprit?

And can they help in the battle to make Somersby a safer place on the roads and in nature for them and their friends?

This crime-solving, nature-loving, environmentally friendly brother and sister have a summer of fun filled with kindness, camaraderie and daring adventures.

Illustrated by Rebecca Craig

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